afghan girl

Welcome to James Opie's Afghan Rug Project

Our Afghan Rug Project brings families in Afghanistan and in North America together in “the gift of exchange.”  Skilled Afghan weavers do not need our charity. Nor do they need massive government programs that begin with great idealism but soon fade away. They only need craft-based jobs at home, close to their children.  We can help support these hard working villagers through purchasing the lovely rugs they make.  

They benefit and we benefit, in “the gift of exchange.”    

Rug making is so deeply imbedded in Afghan culture that rugs can be made in nearly any conditions.  I succeeded in organizing this project, in the midst of serial crises in Afghanistan, due to the traditional role of carpet-making and the stability of villages in which our weavers live and work.  I provide designs and capital.  Weavers—and appreciative consumers in the West—do the rest.

To learn more, visit an Oriental rug dealer who sells “James Opie rugs” or write to me at  We can help with the next step.   

Thank you. 

James Opie